*Metaphysics : The branch of philosophy dealing with first principles, including abstract concepts like being, knowing, substance, cause, identity, time, and space.

David Raffin is a Metaphysicist*, Post-Humorist, & Performer.

David Raffin has friends who make things. It is odd. Here are some:

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David Raffin sells his own books and things one page up from here.

Scott Steven Erickson : Adaptions to a Modern Age

Eclectic, creative, catchy.

I would endorse this even if I were not singing in the background on some of the tracks.

Favorite track: You'll Be Missed as a Superhero.     He has more albums on Bandcamp as well.

Minty Rosa : Pretty Please

Driving, hard, melodic. Repeat listening.

Favorite track: Love Me Knot.                                


Chemistry, by Jodi Lamm, is a modern retelling of The Hunchback of Notre Dame, set in a high school.

Mikel Reparaz writes about things blowing up. For money & love.

Jeremy C. Shipp is an author. He is cursed.


Chelsea Baker is a comic artist.

Richard F. Yates is an artist. Please sheild your eyes.

Richard Lindsay is both a print & noise artist.

Elijah J. Brubaker is a Comic artist. His biography of Wilhelm Reich is published by Sparkplug comic books.

Terrence Nowicki, Jr is an editorial cartoonist.

Stores and Services

Homemade Goodies is a bakery/cafe in Purmerend, The Netherlands run by Tanja Schuurman Robinson.

Cavity Curiosity Shop in Victoria, BC sells books, records, and more hand-picked by the proprietor, Andy.

Hot Toddy in Olympia, WA sells primarily lady accouterments.

Lady Dynamo Catering prepares & delivers  meals, snacks, and drinks, specializing in alternative diets (GF, Veg*n, Organic, Local) in Sebastopol, CA. Run by Gabrielle Hamilton.

Nuflours is a gluten free bakery in Seattle. Run by Phebe Rossi.

Phoebe Moore runs Tiny Thunder, where she makes, finds, and sells things.

Dinea dePhoto takes pictures of Ladies and Gentlemen.

Jusby the Clown has made it his job to frighten children.

Minty Rosa on ReverbNation

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