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If you buy a PRINT copy of my books (or have bought one in the past via Amazon), you can now get the Kindle edition for .99¢.


 Perils of Free Thought (a book of no small danger)

Perils of Free Thought is filled with aphorisms, jokes, anti-jokes, philosophy, and bears.

Jokes are compact lies. But they are splendid, beautiful lies. Short stories are simple lies, and you can tell them in one sitting. Novels are long form lies. Complicated. Got to hold that lie together. Reality is just a bunch of lies in real time.

This book also contains Perils of Time Travel (another book of no small danger).

 Scenic Cesspools & other indignities (a tragi-comedy about work)

Scenic Cesspools is a tragi-comedy about work. With just enough time travel. And a bucket of grease which has something to do with free will.
Possibly everything.

Rhyme or Treason (the hard fought illusion of choice)

A collection of darkly humorous stories and columns. In Twilight of the Clowns a traditional way of life ends as clowning ceases to be a viable way of life; In Everybody Loves a Little Elf elves save a man’s business but create a literal stink about property rights and slave labor; In More than One Day in the Life of Igor Igoravitch a KGB agent is caught up in a web of intrigue that is his own creation; Australians move to take over the world with their national food, the hot dog; The web of lies in Charlotte’s Web is exposed; and the price of the simulacra in the window is finally laid bare.



I cannot recommend to you highly enough the film Rubber. The world does not have enough metafictional absurdist films about tyres.  Not nearly enough.

Rubber is a film about a tyre named Robert who rolls around making things explode while an audience watches. I need tell you no more of this story. That should be enough to pique your interest. If it isn’t, then this is not the film for you.

The evil twin conundrum

Evil twins are unhappy about the loss of half their potential. They never feel as evil as they could have been. This feeling of inadequacy makes them more evil, as the result is they try harder. As their plans get more intricate therein lies the flaw. The chance for failure grows exponentially. Begin again at the start of the paragraph. This is the evil twin conundrum.