Writer of Fantastic tales: short, medium, & large ; David Raffin thinks inside the box. It is quiet there. But so dark.

He is nicer than anybody. Ask anyone. Wait. Don’t. They might be biased.

He is a contributor to the national newspaper Funny Times, Rosebud magazine, and various other publications, paper and pixel.


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David Raffin: More Than True, a podcast

Podcast: “The stories I tell which are not true are MORE THAN TRUE.”


He published a satirical journal, Vision? Nary!, which was reviewed positively by MaximumRock’n’Roll and the Joe Bob Report, newsletter of drive-in movie critic Joe Bob Briggs.


“The amalgam of fantasy and realism, of fantastic plot turns… Certainly, David is a virtuoso at not delivering what an audience might expect. As such, he shows his remarkable skills as a satirist.”
– Evergreen State College

“He’s not your average comedian.”
– The Daily Olympian

“A cross between Garrison Keillor and Salvador Dali.” –The Northwest Examiner

“Attic Dog by David Raffin [is] Wonderfully sad and very strange. Creates a beautifully desolate atmosphere of dust-strewn, forgotten spaces and the creeping, lonely decay of a long abandoned toy.”
Haunted Eyeball

“Intelligent, humorous, and highly imaginative always a pleasure to read.”
 Peter Bacho, Author “Cebu” “Dark Blue Suit”

“His perversions are oddly analytical.”
– Jodi Lamm, Author “Titan Magic”

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