Dinosaur Fossil Reveals Cause of Death : Time Travel

An image, stolen from Richard F. Yates, having not a damned thing to do with this article, yet capturing the ennui of the issue.

“Phillip Currie from the University of Alberta has recently uncovered a juvenile Chasmosaurus belli that was so complete and intact, he was actually able to speculate about the cause of death.”

Source: New Baby Dinosaur Fossil Reveals Cause of Death | IFLScience

*** Sadly, the dinosaur expired after eating plastic.

It is past time we ban dumping of non-biodegradable garbage in the distant past. We would already be seeing the complications of this dumping, were it not for the fact that our dumping of toxic waste is constantly changing our current reality. “It all looks the same to me” say the temporal shift change deniers. But mark my words: The garbage you dump in the past will return to you thousands of times over, even if you don’t ever realize it.