HiSky Trust Video Works

A collection of short videos by David Raffin.

Introductory measures. Welcome.

Modern art is junk.

Wonder Woman in repose. Art from scrap.
The ayes have it. Sidewalk art.

Teaching School

Young Minds formed. A teaching program for future teachers.

Music Works.

United By Music, a multinational nonprofit working for people with intellectual disabilities.
Blues fest on a train.

Interplanetary art works.

International backyard art movements.


PFLAG pancake breakfast before pride parade.

Historical / Journalism.

Story of the FBI raid on Black Panther office that didn’t happen in Seattle.
Promo reel for the film “We Have A Choice: a grassroots run for senate.”
A documentary about the senate run of Aaron Dixon, a Black Panther activist.
Interview and walk with CopWatch volunteer.