XXXtra Deep Links

Friends, it is an unfriendly ocean filled with bottom feeders. And you know what they eat. Bottoms. Or do they feed them‽ If so, are they just fattening them up for the inevitable… That said, here are some people I know who make things or things which I support.

Laugh, I thought I’d Cry

Hannah Boone, coming and going.

Eddie Pepitone, the man.

The Rook ‘n’ Titas program, regular as a raspberry donut.

What’s So Funny, a Canadian radio show about laughter.


Richard F. Yates, monstrous beast.

Ugly Radio, with sound collage.

Electric Goddess

Conch, communications.

Bob, the Angry Flower, a stripper.

Sveta Shubina, “Good Girl Art”

Dagsson, Iceland’s own “son of the day.”


United by Music, a multi-national non-profit working with disabled people so they can sing the blues. (North America link)

J-Church, the legendary band named for the intersection of J and Church street.

Scott Erickson, music. I sing backup on one album. Figure out which.

Tacocat, a band.

Deerhoof, a band.

My old friend Candye Kane, Toughest Girl Alive


Mondo Heather, Heather Drain, film commentator, play by play.

The Projection Booth podcast about films in all genres.

Supporting characters podcast about film.

Porno Cultures podcast, an academic discussion.

The Rialto Report, 1970s Sin-ema.

Ask Any Buddy, a podcast companion to Elizabeth Purchell’s film. A queer history/film podcast.

Westgate Gallery film posters.

Something Weird, the great-grandparent of psychotronic film preservation.

Vinegar Syndrome, a film restoration company, named for the smell of rotting film stock.

Distribpix, home of the Radley Metzger/Henry Paris films.


The David Feldman Show, also comedians.

Give them an Argument with Ben Burgis.

The Dig, a Jacobin podcast.

Jacobin, a journal for heads.

DSA, lack of public accommodations is breeding Bolsheviks.

Shaun Richman, writer and union organizer.

Making Gay History, historic interviews.

The Dollop, an American history podcast.

Please come again