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Sex Robot Cuddle Party

Sex Robot Cuddle Party is presented as a lost novel by the son of the author, a pornographer and a communist. He infuses his creative work with political discourses.

It tells the story of RainyDay Tranquility, captain of the corporate surveying vessel Queen of Space, as she travels with her crew visiting dead worlds. In the future human touch has been rendered deadly. 

Later, she is transported inside her favorite book, Cuddle Party, which she loves because, in it, two people fall asleep touching.

Sex Robot Cuddle Party is a comedy of loneliness, desire, and longing; and a tragedy of love requited. 

A loving homage to new wave sci-fi, absurdist theater, and erotica of the early seventies; featuring existentialist philosophy, Atheism, Greek Gods, artificial intelligence, and the miracle of fungi, in which all things are possible dreamt or un-dreamt.


Tragic Stories Disguised as Jokes

Tragedy and Comedy are often a matter of mistaken identity. The problem is they are the same thing. If it looks like one or the other, please tilt your head. Thank you.

The erotic novelties of our forefathers! The first suicide machine! Monsters! True Love.

Tragic Stories is a collection of stories and columns. They combine History, Science, Fashion Tips, Mimes, Mythology, Satire, and Tips for modern life.


At the Existential Sandwich Shop: the sound of one hand applauding

“At the Existential Sandwich Shop” is filled with aphorisms, jokes, anti-jokes, philosophy, and bears.
You see, an imaginary tree. It wishes to know what the imaginary books are made of, in your imaginary library.
When you hear the sound of one hand applauding you will know that the effort was worth it.
Every paragraph is a word party. A short paragraph is an intimate gathering. Naughty! Dirty words. An erotic poem. How Bacchanalian. Word.


Perils of Free Thought (a book of no small danger)

“Perils of Free Thought” is filled with aphorisms, jokes, anti-jokes, philosophy, and bears. 

Jokes are compact lies. But they are splendid, beautiful lies.

Short stories are simple lies, and you can tell them in one sitting.

Novels are long form lies. Complicated. Got to hold that lie together.

Reality is just a bunch of lies in real time. 

This book also contains “Perils of Time Travel (another book of no small danger)”


Scenic Cesspools & other indignities (a tragi-comedy about work)

Scenic Cesspools is a transgressive tragi-comedy about work. With just enough time travel. And a bucket of grease which has something to do with free will.
Possibly everything.

Scenic Cesspools is the story of a kid who is pulled into his high school disciplinary office to be chastised for achieving some of the highest test scores in the school while still managing to almost flunk out. Upon graduation, there is nothing left but to venture into the workforce. 

Working at a paper mill he discovers the industrial site is an alien landscape filled with green noxious liquids, held in open surface containers, outgassing into the atmosphere. It’s a place where death is as close as a misstep and the air smells a little like poison every day.

He learns that sales is a religion. A religion based on morning motivational meetings, chanting, and believing. If you are “money motivated” all you need do… is believe. 

Leasing low income housing is difficult when your supervisors dislike poor people. Especially when they hate deaf people, because “deaf people make trouble.” 

He learns there is nothing like selling flowers on the street from the back of a pickup; except selling perfume on the street from a cardboard box, or working for Ralph Nader. 

Characters float in and out, sometimes challenging perceptions of time. They are obsessed with nuclear war in Vietnam, sex, Canadians, and unearned heroism.


Hard Fought Illusions of Choice: rhyme of treason

A collection of darkly humorous stories and columns.
In “Twilight of the Clowns” a traditional way of life ends as clowning ceases to be a viable way of life;
In “Everybody Loves a Little Elf” elves save a man’s business but create a literal stink about property rights and slave labor;
In “More than One Day in the Life of Igor Igoravitch” a KGB agent is caught up in a web of intrigue that is his own creation;
Australians move to take over the world with their national food, the hot dog;
The web of lies in Charlotte’s Web is exposed;
and the price of the simulacra in the window is finally laid bare.


Lonesome Travelers (guide to city/forest)

Of the things the Fire does, one of the most precious is the telling of stories. The telling of stories changes the fabric of reality. It folds and unfolds. When the Fire is imprisoned by it’s brother, it can only communicate via dreams. 

But it is not alone. It has Love, who is filled to the brim, Cuckoo. And the girl in the house, raised in darkness, protected and educated by Love’s Lonesome Travelers, is now ready to rise up.

Coming Soon 



HiSky TrustHiSky (Hiss-Key) Trust was formed in 1957 as an alliance between avant-guard artists, intellectuals, and political theorists. Together they seek to disseminate agitational educational material masked as ephemeral genre exploitation.
It is through the auspices of the HiSky Trust that excited bodies and minds are engaged, actively, in socio-political thought.