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LiLiPUT/Kleenex, Swiss female post-punk band 1978-1983

I just found this band today by listening to the MaximumRock’n’Roll radio show. They were originally called Kleenex before being forced to change their name to LiLiPUT.

Here is a video for the song hitch-hike:

Wikipedia: “LiLiPUT’s exuberant sound combined spirited thrashy post-punk with unconventional vocals and lyrics, both in English and German. Their music featured husky or squealing female vocals, ramshackle drums, scratchy and twanging guitar, thick funky bass, saxophone and occasionally flute, violin, or other instruments. The cut-up surreality of their lyrics and energetic sound put them in a league with bands like The Raincoats (frequent tour partners), Delta 5The SlitsEssential Logic and Bush Tetras. The band’s sound developed throughout their career, due in part to line-up changes; the earlier recordings are more noisy and energetic, while the later songs are more complex and haunting.”

And here is some more:

And here is a digital (2x) album at Amazon:

“My Career as a Jerk” the Circle Jerks documentary

“All we need is a bass player and we could be a band.” – Keith Morris

“My Career as a Jerk” the Circle Jerks documentary chronicles the career of the band formed after singer Keith Morris left that other legendary early LA hardcore band, Black Flag.

The documentary:

The albums:


Minty Rosa, Pretty Please

[bandcamp width=350 height=791 album=67210045 size=large bgcol=ffffff linkcol=0687f5]

Once it starts it never stops. The album is driving. No dead spots. There are very few perfect albums – albums like the first Ramones record, NoMeansNo’s Wrong, Rikk Agnew’s All by Myself – albums that inspire a desire to listen over and over again. Pretty Please by Minty Rosa is such an album. The voice is melodic and strong, punctuated with feeling. The music is punchy and heavy. An irresistible mixture of driving hard rhythm and melody, and at times slow and bluesy, the album manages to sound simultaneously vintage and modern. This is the second release from the band and the first full album. The production value is very high, the sound clear and powerful. The members of Minty Rosa have been playing for years in various bands in the northwest music scene and the experience shows clearly on this release.

Johnny Cash, Without Love

Johnny Cash handles a heckler in his own special way.

Anomie by Scott Erickson

This is my friend Scott Erickson’s new video, Anomie, from his album Cobwebs & Constellations.

The periodic table of the elephants

There’s grey, white, pink, flying, and wooly.

These are the only ones of which the news has come to Harvard / There may be many others but they’ve yet to be discovered.

(An alteration of the Tom Lehrer song “the elements”)