The Pits of Piper

Rowdy Roddy Piper came to my high school world problems class. He was presented as a small business owner. He owned some car lubrication facilities. Pipers pit.

I am not sure if they knew he was a wrestler.

He gave a blustery wrestling speech about world problems. In it he became really agitated and said that people should be shot for minor crimes. 

The whole classroom erupted in laughter.

Under an American flag, he said “you only laugh because none of you have ever been shot. If one of you had ever been shot, you would think differently.”

And the laughter increased. People were rolling in the aisles.

Except for the one kid sitting in the middle, in a leg cast, of course.

(He had been shot.)

Afterwards, the teacher chewed us all out for disrespect.

This is a true story.

Sometime after that, I was thrown out of that class permanently for “insubordination.” Which is another funny story.

 When the teacher said he was kicking me out for insubordination, I said “this is not the military you increasingly silly man.”

And he ordered me to go to the administration office. And I told him he had to go too. And when we got there, all they did was put me in the other world problems class.

So I learned my lesson.